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5 Reasons Why Bar Owners Choose an Inventory Control Company

Bar Management - February 17, 2017 Written By: Sculpture Hospitality

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As a bar manager, your afternoons, evenings and early morning hours are spent trying to create a unique experience for patrons so that they become loyal customers and brand ambassadors. While this might sound like a glamorous gig to outsiders, you know that it also involves hard work, much of which can be downright monotonous. Inventory alone can be enough to make you reconsider your career choice. But what if you could streamline and simplify the worst parts of your job? In a world where cars can now drive themselves, there is no reason you should ever spend hours counting and measuring bottles by hand. If you are, it is time to hire an inventory control company and take back your free time.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why bar owners should hire an inventory control company to help manage your bar:

1. More Revenue

Accurate inventory ultimately means more revenue. Instead of tying up money in bottles that sit on the shelves untouched for months at a time, you can make smart purchasing decisions that drive sales. More liquid funds also means that you can get ahead on rent or invest in other areas of the bar.

2. Less Waste

In a bar, alcohol is money. If bartenders are over-pouring, handing out free drinks or snagging a bottle for themselves before they head home, that means that you are losing money. An inventory control company can help you identify exact areas where unnecessary waste is happening and allow you to make corrections.

3. Unbeatable Flexibility

While you probably have a pretty clear idea of your days and hours, business can fluctuate according to a variety of factors. A warm spell in early spring can be enough to get patrons out of their homes and off to enjoy cocktails on your patio. The last thing you want is to tell customers they can't order their favorite drink because you weren't prepared for the surge. 

Working with an inventory control company can allow you to more accurately collect and track data to identify certain trends. This information can then inform your purchasing decision and make you more sensitive to "unexpected" changes. There simply isn't any other way to achieve the same level of flexibility and adaptability. 

4. More Free Time

Ultimately, there is nothing more valuable than your time. Imagine being able to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend taking inventory, while also being able to decrease waste and increase profits. The right inventory control company can help you use technology to streamline the inventory process.

Instead of hand counting bottles, measuring remaining supplies and filling out purchase orders, you can simply scan the bottle: The rest of the process can be completely automated. You set up the parameters, and the app responds according to your needs and goals. The biggest time investment will be in the initial setup. From there, it couldn't be easier.

5. Better Accountability

The success of your bar also depends on the quality of your staff. A clear inventory management system will allow you to outline clear expectations for your employees and hold them accountable for any mistakes. Ultimately, this will help you create a positive work environment that attracts and rewards the best of the best.

Investing in the right inventory control company will ultimately be well worth it and provide an attractive ROI. Most products and companies offer competitive prices that are affordable. While adopting new technology and making changes to your management model can sound intimidating, waiting to be the last to incorporate these tools could spell disaster for your business.

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