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What to Do When the Health Inspector Comes Knocking

A visit from the health inspector can be stressful even if you stay on top of health concerns by following a proactive food safety plan and scheduling regular cleanings. If the health inspector comes knocking, here are some tips for making the visit as smooth and productive as possible:

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6 Ways to Capture Business from the Public Transit Stop by Your Bar

Having a restaurant or bar located next to your local public transit stop can create a perfect opportunity to draw in new customers, but you also need to understand your audience. Potential customers may be getting off on their last stop before heading home for the day or they might be rushing to work or to catch the next bus or train. That means that you will need to cater to both customers who are in a time crunch and those who may be able to sit down and enjoy a couple of drinks. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you take full advantage of your location:

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18 Stellar Restaurant Training Tips for Building an “A” Team

As a restaurant owner, you may think you’re in the food business. Spoiler alert: you’re also in the people business, and that includes your employees. Bring out the best in your team by putting these 18 restaurant training tips to work…

10 Ways to Increase Your Bar Traffic During the Winter Months

Winters can be tough on the bar and restaurant business, especially in the much chillier parts of the country.

Parking’s even more of a mess than usual, people have to get all bundled up, and it’s already pitch black out at 5pm—all good reasons to cuddle under a blanket and binge watch the newest Netflix show.

However, everyone doesn’t necessarily want to be locked up all winter. They just need a little push!

Let’s give them a reason to go out—or how about 10?

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24 Beer Types Every Bartender Should Know

Beer used to be simple. Bartenders only had to keep track of a few draft lines of lager and about five brewers made the majority of the offerings.

Today, beer-enthusiasts claim we’re in the golden age of American beer. With over 6,000 breweries nationwide and over 30 million in International imports, there’s a lot to keep track of.

To make sure you’re prepared to tend the bar in today’s craft beer boom, here’s a handy list of beer types:

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Best of 2018: Top Blog Posts from the Year

To help you kick off 2019, we’ve gathered up our 5 most popular (and useful) blog posts over the past year. Read on to get up to speed on essential industry insights that will help guide your restaurant or bar for the New Year - everything from inventory to manager bonus plans.

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[eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide

[eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide

With a few pricing adjustments, and a slight shift in pricing strategy, most bars and restaurants could add significant profits without selling more drinks.

The good news is that there are immediate action items you can take to improve profits  in your bar operation. The key is moving from an overly simplistic pricing model to a more strategic pricing model.

Read this ebook to discover some of the ways you can increase your sales and profits without having to build new business through advertising, renovations, promotions or discounts. Read more

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5 most common ways restaurants lose profits

5 Hidden Losses and How to Tackle Them

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5 Ways to Make Your Bar Instagram-worthy

A girl walks into a bar… takes out her phone and posts on her Instagram story.

In today’s day and age, snapping photos of a cool space is the norm. But is your establishment worthy enough to make the cut?

Word-of-mouth has always been an essential tool for the restaurant industry. However, the concept has evolved in recent years and taken itself online.

Bottom line—if you want free publicity on Instagram, you have to make your offerings and your bar look good.

To get you started, here are a few ways to make your bar Instagram-worthy:


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How to Create a Spirit Pairing Event: Autumn Version

Summer meals tend to be served cold and consist of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in abundance during this time of year. As the weather turns cold and people spend more time indoors, we tend to gravitate towards hot meals, roasted vegetables and other comfort foods. This shift in eating habits also means that our favorite fruity summer cocktail might not pair as well with autumn inspired meals. With that in mind, we have put together perfect spirit pairings that will bring out the best in fall meal flavors.

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Top Lessons We Learned During Season 6 of Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is a binge-worthy reality show where Jon Taffer and his team of experts visit bars around the country that are drowning in debt and struggling to stay afloat. The show follows Taffer as he uncovers underlying problems and gives owners and staff some tough love and tries to help them turn their business around. During the course of six seasons, there have been some reoccurring themes, which we have compiled into a list of top lessons that you can use to start improving your own business.

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Hiring and Onboarding 101 for Bars and Restaurants

Even the most successful bars and restaurants will have to deal with a turnover rate that is significantly higher than other industries. That makes it even more important to have an effective hiring and onboarding process in place. Without a strategic approach to ensuring employee success, you will have to deal with even higher turnover, potentially poor diner experiences and a declining business. Follow these simple tips to create a smooth and effective hiring and onboarding process that will help everyone succeed:

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Most Profitable Summer Punch Recipes

Mixing up batches of punch to serve to customers is one of the easiest ways to take some of the burden off bartenders while also driving profits. Summer tends to be a busy season, especially if you have a welcoming patio where guests can enjoy the outdoors while they dine. Instead of mixing individual drinks, save time and earn more revenue by relying on large batches that feature fresh, seasonal fruit. Here are a few profitable summer punches that are sure to be a hit:

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9 Social Event Ideas to Boost Profits for Your Bar

Great bar and restaurant social events get people talking – and get guests in the door. Here are 9 social event ideas designed to help improve guest experiences and get people talking about your venue - from grown-up summer camp to interactive trivia games, these are ideas for restaurant events that no guest can resist.

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Win 4th of July with These Profitable Bar Promotions

The 4th of July is all about getting together with friends and family, enjoying great food and drinks and celebrating the birth of America. For bars and restaurants, it is also an ideal time to run strategic promotions that will bring in customers. Millions of people will be looking for the perfect place to spend the holiday and you can make your establishment the clear choice by incorporating some of these ideas:

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Is Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio Ready for Summer?

The weather is beautiful. The evenings are longer and people want to soak it all in while it lasts. For bars and restaurants with a patio, that means a significant increase in business that may require some adjustments. If you haven't set up a strategy for managing the summer crowds, it is time to get your patio ready for summer. In honor of the first official day of summer, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this busy season and meet staffing demands.

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Summery Craft Beers to Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

There is no doubt that dad will be happy with any gift you give him this Father's Day, even if it is another tie, but why not give him something he truly wants? Since the holiday falls on June 17th, right at the beginning of summer, it is the perfect time to celebrate your dad with a line-up of summery craft beers. Here are a few suggestions that capture the tastes of the season and provide a refreshing beverage on a summer day.

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Preventing the Most Common Rookie Bartender Mistakes

Bartending is a real art form, which means rookies will have to practice their craft and learn from their mistakes. We all have to start somewhere, but there are some common mistakes that are preventable. Helping rookie bartenders avoid these mistakes will allow them to focus on making great drinks without causing too much trouble behind the bar and attracting the unwanted attention of frustrated managers. Here are a few common mistakes and ways to prevent them:

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