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5 Reasons to use a Beverage Cost Control System

Bar Management - July 08, 2020 Written By: Sculpture Hospitality

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Let’s be honest. Taking beverage inventory can be time-consuming and tedious. But it’s also critical for maintaining a healthy profit margin, monitoring for loss or theft, and knowing when to order more. What’s a busy bar or restaurant manager to do?

Go digital with beverage inventory management software.

See 5 reasons why this software can be your bottom line’s best friend. Then, check out 10 of the top beverage inventory systems.

5 Reasons to Use Beverage Inventory Software

Save Time

This is a no brainer. Skip the printed spreadsheet on a clipboard – then all the time it takes to copy the data into Excel. Most of the 10 beverage inventory management software options let you take inventory on your smartphone or a digital handheld device. The data goes right into the beverage inventory management software.

Reduce Labor Costs

Have you delegated inventory to a staff member? Chances are, they’re staying later or coming in early to do the dirty work of taking inventory the old-fashioned way. With beverage inventory management software, you can save on labor costs. One company even promises to save you 30 hours each month…sweet!

Minimize Errors

After a long shift, mistakes happen. Whether it’s calculations gone wrong or illegible handwriting, taking inventory by hand results in human error. Instead, beverage inventory management software does the math for you. Some may even red-flag irregular data entry. (You don’t really have 1,000 bottles of vodka, do you?)

Track Trends

Unless you’re an Excel wizard, basic spreadsheets won’t reveal spending or spillage trends over time. Beverage inventory management software can serve up tons of useful reports in a few clicks.

Real-Time Look

With beverage inventory management software, you can sneak a peek into your sales and usage – right on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Quite a few software systems also send alerts to your phone if a bottle is about to be 86’ed.