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The Straight Up Blog

April 13, 2021

Bar Inventory Spreadsheet or Bar Inventory System: What’s Best?

Counting, managing and successfully maintaining your bar inventory seems simple at first glance, yet many bars are using time-consuming, ineffective a...
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April 08, 2021

Should You Use a Loss Leader Pricing Strategy in Your Restaurant?

The term ‘loss leader’ often brings negative connotations for restaurant owners and managers, but did you know that when used properly a loss leader p...
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March 25, 2021

Bar Inventory Best Practices: How to Prevent Overpouring

In our last blog, we discussed how liquor shrinkage (also known variance) can have a huge impact on the profitability of your bar. 
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March 23, 2021

Bar Inventory Management: How to Reduce Liquor Shrinkage

Bar inventory management is a crucial aspect in understanding exactly how your business is performing compared to your key performance indicators (KPI...
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March 05, 2021

Bar Inventory: What is Pour Cost Percentage and How is it Calculated?

Understanding your costs is vital for making informed business decisions. When it comes to owning or managing a bar, it’s likely you know just how imp...
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March 03, 2021

Your Complete Bar Inventory Management Glossary of Terms

Managing a bar is complex. It requires the ability to manage your employees, understanding of the hospitality industry, expertise in creating products...
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