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How to Create a Spirit Pairing Event: Autumn Version

Food & Drink - October 04, 2018 Written By: Sculpture Hospitality

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Summer meals tend to be served cold and consist of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in abundance during this time of year. As the weather turns cold and people spend more time indoors, we tend to gravitate towards hot meals, roasted vegetables and other comfort foods. This shift in eating habits also means that our favorite fruity summer cocktail might not pair as well with autumn inspired meals. With that in mind, we have put together perfect spirit pairings that will bring out the best in fall meal flavors.

Whiskey and Roasted Chicken

Most people tend to associate whiskey with red meat, but it can also provide an excellent partner to chicken. It also doesn't hurt that Roasted chicken is an incredibly easy dish to prepare and sure to be a crowd favorite. There is minimal preparation time required and chefs will only have to worry about basting about every 30 minutes. You can prepare plenty of birds beforehand and serve up moist and delicious chicken that pairs well with a lighter whiskey.

The honey and cinnamon flavors in whiskey provide the perfect complement to a well-roasted chicken. When choosing the perfect whiskey, look for an options whose flavors blend with the rest of the meal instead of creating contrast.

Apple Cider Martini and Squash

One of the best flavors of falls is fresh, crisp apples. You may be surprised to learn just how well apple-cinnamon flavors pair with pumpkin and other winter squashes. Whether you are serving roasted butternut squash as a side dish or you are going for something a little more complicated, like pumpkin ravioli, the earthy squash flavors blend well with the sweetness of apple.

An apple cider martini is simple to make and a great addition to the fall drink menu. All you need is cinnamon sugar, apple cider, spiced rum, some maple syrup and an apple slice for garnish. This tasty drink is delicious on its own, but even better when paired with a squash dish. 

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Tequila and Lamb Chops

Most customers will probably be surprised by this pairing suggestion, but the right sipping tequila can provide a smooth finish that will cut through the gaminess of the lamb and enhance the flavor. Because lamb tends to be a fatty meat, it provides a hearty and comforting entree that goes well with other fall flavors, like roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. Perhaps best of all, this pairing doesn't require mixing up a specialty cocktail. Simply look for a high quality, triple distilled tequila option for the best results.

Roast Beef and Cranberry Gimlet

You are probably used to seeing cranberry sauce sitting next to the turkey on Thanksgiving day, but cranberry flavors also go incredibly well with red meat. Washing down tender slices of roast beef with a cranberry gimlet will provide customers with a meal pairing to remember. The tart cranberry brings out the rich flavor of the meat. Together, the combination of flavors only enhance each other and provide a truly delicious dining experience.

Cranberry gimlet ingredients include two ounces of gin, cranberry juice, lime juice, simple syrup and some whole cranberries for garnish. This cocktail is simple, easy to make and it brings out the flavors of fall foods.

As the seasons change, so do dinner's eating habits. Provide the best in fall flavors and pair your meals with drinks that will create a more sophisticated menu. Remember that cocktails and pairings don't have to be overly complicated. Look for spirits that contain flavors you would normally pair with various foods, and opt for simple combinations.

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