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How to Boost Foot Traffic: Interactive Trivia Games & Entertainment

Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Operations - February 27, 2018 Written By: Buzztime

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You post on social media. You run a great loyalty program. And you’ve mastered email marketing. Still not seeing the foot traffic you want? It’s time to deploy your bar or restaurant’s secret weapon: in-venue entertainment with an interactive, super-social twist.

The Social Element: 4 Reasons to “Think Interactive”

All restaurant and bar entertainment is not created equal. What’s the key difference between a live band and interactive trivia games?

The social element.

Restaurant events that bring everyone together make guests happier, and your bottom line, healthier. It’s a win-win. Here’s why:


1) It Pays to Put Fun on the Menu

Let’s talk sales, first. Interactive entertainment adds value to the guest visit. So patrons spend more time – and money – with you. An independent Arbitron study revealed that those who play interactive trivia games spend 21% more per table check on average.


2) Create a Social Scene

Social entertainment – like interactive trivia games – helps guests bond. You’ll create a sense of community among patrons. Plus, that lively, social atmosphere attracts more guests who want to join in the fun.


3) Think Beyond the Plate: Focus On the Guest Experience

Guests are hungry for more than a meal. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 State of the Industry Report, 61% of adults would rather spend money on an experience than an item or product.

You might argue that a visit to your restaurant is an experience in itself. But social entertainment enhances that experience. It gives guests a reason to choose you – over the competition.


4) Build Loyalty with the Biggest Spenders

Millennials made headlines in 2017 for blowing their budget on…avocado toast. That’s good news to the savvy restaurateur. Bank of America studied credit card spending habits among millennials and found that 23.8% of their purchases are made at restaurants, more than any other age group. What gets millennials to return? According to an Accenture study: innovative experiences - like interactive trivia games - earn their loyalty.

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