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Food and Drink Promotions to Celebrate Spring

Posted by Sculpture Hospitality on May 11, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Spring is here, which means that people are naturally coming out of their winter hibernation and looking for things to do outside the home. As people gravitate to outdoor patios to enjoy the warmer weather and a fresh cocktail, you are sure to see a spike in business, but you can take things a step further by running food and drink promotions that celebrate spring. With the right strategies, you can make sure that customers are walking through your door instead of going down the street to the competition.

Mother's Day Specials

A full 32% of mothers report that all they want on their special day is to have a nice meal with their family, creating the perfect opportunity to bring people in and earn repeat customers. For restaurants, it doesn't take a lot to show some appreciation. From a free dessert or a small gift to bottomless mimosas, just about any gesture will work.

Bars can also shirk tradition and run specials for moms the night before Mother's Day. Maybe they just want a night away from the kids where they can let loose and really earn that next day's brunch. Advertise a party for mom's who like to wine, and you might be surprised to see the size of the crowd you draw.

Kentucky Derby Day

The actual race only lasts two minutes, but you can make an entire weekend promotion out of this event. Advertise a viewing party with drink specials including the mint julep, old-fashioned and Kentucky mule. You can even encourage participation by offering a free drink to ladies who wear an especially impressive derby hat or gentlemen who arrive equally attired. The Derby is an excellent opportunity to have fun with a yearly event that not everyone might be paying attention to.

Winter/Spring Beer Specials

For brewers, spring signals a changing of the guard. Dark and spicy winter beers give way to spring inspired brews. Stock up on new spring options that incorporate unique fruit flavors and be sure to include at least one potent IPA. Beer trends indicate that craft beers and IPAs in particular, will continue to increase in popularity over the coming months.

You can turn this into an event by running specials on new Spring beers, or better yet - discount winter beers to help clear out your stockroom. Everyone loves a good deal, so if you also offer up a special on appetizers and can serve it all up on a welcoming patio, you are sure to attract a crowd.

Ultimately, you don't really need an excuse or a holiday to run a spring promotion. Simply think about ways you can leverage standing inventory or capitalize on seasonal ingredients. At this point in the year, everyone is just looking for an excuse to get out of the house, socialize and have a few drinks. With a little effort, you can turn just another spring day into a fun event that celebrates the beginning of warmer weather.

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