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Bevinco Case Study: Short North Pint House - Columbus, OH

Resources, Company News - June 15, 2016 Written By: Ken Gillie

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The company started using Bevinco at The Short North Pint House when it first opened in 2013 after hearing from other operators about Bevinco, along with utilizing the company to help them defend a sales tax audit at one of their older locations.    With two locations in the Short North, Corso Ventures has come to rely on Bevinco to assist with bar inventory every week.

Before Corso Ventures started using Bevinco at this bar, their shrinkage numbers were coming in at 21% loss. Now they are consistently under 3%. Chris Corso says he makes back at least 20 times annually Bevinco’s cost of service.

“We now utilize Bevinco for our ordering process, along with tracking the beer, wine and liquor inventory to ensure it’s accountability. The reports show us definitively by each brand how much inventory is on hand, how much was used and how much was sold. We know exactly how much inventory is missing for each brand of liquor, wine, bottle of beer and draft beer in the house."


“After using Bevinco since 2013 at all of it’s locations, we can’t imagine operating any of our bars and managing our staff without Bevinco”

“Bevinco is very much a people business. The company does a great job of combining their technology and decades of experience in providing us with valuable information on the operations of our bars.” “Their system of matching up sales to usage really shows us how well the staff is doing. It’s much better than when we just used to simply calculate our pour costs years ago.” Corso says. “Regardless of the size of your bar and how much you feel you are involved, you will save much more than their fee in improved cost of goods sold, better cost and ordering controls, reduced theft and waste and increased sales.”

Download the Short North Pint House - Bevinco case study here

Identifying and controlling bar losses is challenging without the right liquor control system and strategy. To compare how your current methods are working for your bar, schedule a Bevinco bar inventory discovery audit with your local Sculpture Hospitality consultant. After the 14 day process, you will know definitvely what opportunity you have to improve your bottom line without increasing customer counts. We typically find at least $1,000 per week in net profit increase; sometimes it is much more than that. 


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