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Ken Gillie

Ken Gillie
Partner at Sculpture Hospitality
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June 15, 2016

Bevinco Case Study: Short North Pint House - Columbus, OH

The company started using Bevinco at The Short North Pint House when it first opened in 2013 after hearing from other operators about Bevinco, along w...
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April 20, 2016

Structuring a Restaurant Bonus Plan for Managers

  Generally speaking, restaurant groups that tie their manager bonuses directly to "inventory variance" do not have inventory or revenue losses from t...
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March 06, 2016

5 Fundamental Ways to Grow Your Bar Profits Using Data

“Data is extremely underutilized in the bar industry,” said Richard Verrecchia, vice president of analytics at Fintech. Modern bar operators have an u...
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January 06, 2016

6 Steps to Solve Your Hidden hotel Beverage Cost Problem

Hotels, like all restaurants and bars that serve alcohol, have internal controls for inventory management but the truth is that because of dated tools...
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December 02, 2015

Is Liquor Inventory Control Costing You $50,000 Profit Per Year?

Bars can lose roughly 20 percent of their inventory to free drinks, over pouring and theft unless it is managed in a very specific way. This percentag...
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