Great Promotions to Kick Off Spring

Posted by Sculpture Hospitality on Apr 11, 2017 11:05:58 AM

In Restaurant Marketing

With the worst of winter behind us, people are starting to take advantage of the nice weather and come out of hibernation. Now it is the perfect time to run promotions and encourage patrons to cross your threshold once spring fever has them up and about and looking for a good time. Here are some ideas, tips and promotions to kick off spring.

While some bar managers tend to avoid running special promotions because there is the risk they might not earn enough profits to make it worth discounting drinks, there are ways to ensure success. Partnering with an inventory control company to accurately track output and reduce waste can help you make the most of a promotional event. To help you get inspired, here are some great promotions to help you get you geared up for spring.

Pay Attention to the Sports Schedule

Spring is full of play-offs in both professional and college sports. This should be a no-brainer when it comes to running specials If at all possible, create some hype around your home team or even run an event focused on cheering for the underdog. You can even run specials during the game according to which team scored or who is in the lead. Get creative so that customers are excited to take advantage of deals. 

One challenge with this kind of promotion can be knowing just how much beer and spirits to have on hand in order to keep up with demand. Be sure to work with an inventory control company to use data to drive your purchasing decisions and make sure that you are stocked up. 

Even if your bar doesn't cater to the sports crowd, you can always throw a sort of anti-sports party. Find out about a more obscure sport that doesn't garnish that much attention and get people to come in and watch. Capitalize on the popularity of shows like American Ninja Warrior or Survivor. You might be surprised to see how excited people get to cheer for someone even if they have never watched the sport or show before.

Name of the Night

Anything you can do to make your customers feel special or like they are getting a good deal can go a long way to successfully increasing sales. At mad46 in NYC, they run a weekly name of the night promotion where bartenders pick a name like Amy or Ryan. Anyone with that name can come in and receive special drinks and gifts. It is a simple, no hassle way to help your bar stand out and add a little fun to the night.

Bartending Classes 

Why not make the drinking experience a little more interactive and educational? With the rise of the craft beer industry and local distilleries, consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to what they drink. They like to try unusual flavor combination and ingredients. Offering bartending classes is the perfect way to capitalize on this trend. Design a simple drink menu, use your inventory control company to order the right amount of ingredients and limit your class size for a greater sense of exclusivity. 

Just because your typical bar crowd isn't an ideal fit for certain holidays or events, doesn't mean that you can't capitalize on these opportunities just as well as your competitors. Get creative and cater to your audience. With the right promotion and the perfect inventory control company to help you manage supplies, you can turn discounted drinks and special events into profitable nights that become annual events.